Items Sold

We utilize auction sites, word of mouth, media advertising and networking with many other reputable dealers and collectors to find or sell an item for you. We have sold many rare or highly sought-after items primarily using online auction sites.

We adhere to the strict policies that ebay has set forth and depend on a successful reputation and excellent feedback to demand top dollar for items. Here is just a sample of items that we have sold in the past. If you are looking to sell your item and don’t know how to demand top dollar, let us do the work for you! If you are looking for an item to build your collection, contact us to find it for you.

Babe Ruth

Autographed B/W 16×20 1927 Babe Ruth
SOLD for $2,500 USD


Autographed Pele 16×20 “famous bicycle kick”
SOLD for $350 USD


Autographed 16×20 Sandy Koufax “4th No Hitter” performance
SOLD for $500 USD

Ted Williams

Autographed Ted Williams 16×20
SOLD for $575 USD

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