Frequently Asked Questions

What are you looking to buy?

We buy just about everything of value.  Of course condition is a key factor in obtaining the highest dollar value as well as certificate of authenticity (COA).  Valuables that are worn or that have been visibly handled over the years decrease significantly but still hold some value.  Items that are in a more pristine condition should be handled carefully.  If the market calls for a particular item that you may have to be graded or authenticated we can do that for you and help increase the value of such item as much as 100% of its book value.

How do you sell my item(s)?

Many items we come across go out to online consumers.  Having the world look at an item for sale rather than just the local population increases your chances of a quick sale, higher sale value, and in turn allows us to pay a premium for item(s) you have for sale.  We also network for items with local dealers that may have a market for your item.

How much is my item worth?

Your item is only worth what the public or common collector is willing to pay.  Third Party Price Guides are great, but they are only a “guide” to its MINT condition value.  Condition is a major factor and there are guidelines on what to look for to accurately grade a card.  We use these guidelines to the “T”.  Online auction sites have set the standard so you can pretty much count on us paying anywhere from 40% to 70% of online auction sales prices on items falling in the above conditions.  It’s all based off condition and market need!

What if you can’t sell an item?

If we can’t sell your item then you may want to consider holding onto it until someone you know wants it or a private party buyer crosses your path.  Anything we quote you or take on consignment sells most of the time. On that rare occasion it doesn’t we’ll try other resources before giving up and giving the item back (For consignment only).  If we buy it outright, it’s ours to store until the market demands it.

I have a lot of stuff in storage, how can you quote me on its value?

We travel worldwide to look at items that cannot be easily transferred.  What we would ask is for you to give us some examples of what you have (If out of our 50 mile radius). This way we can make a determination if it’s worth both parties time to quote.  Rule of thumb for us, if you can get us interested with pictures, descriptions and/or samples sent in the mail, then we’ll try to work out a plan for meeting to appraise your item(s).

Do you offer consignment?

How does it work?
 Consignments are offered on items that we really can’t put a dollar figure on or for  items that would exceed the amount of cash readily available needed to purchase your item outright .  We do all the work of displaying and marketing your item(s), pay all the fees, and do all the shipping.  We can do consignment on a 40%-60% split where you, the customer, takes the “lion’s share”.  Our fees are negotiable if your merchandise dictates.

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