About Us

Grandstand Treasures began as a childhood hobby and as an adult became something more than could be imagined.  A personal collection grew into a profession of buying and selling for all sports and collectibles fans.

We are buyers and sellers of sports cards and memorabilia along with many other items of collectible interest.  As a diehard fan of America’s great pastimes: baseball and football, our knowledge of sports covers a broad span.  Although we specialize in baseball and football, we have dealt with basketball, hockey, boxing, golf, NASCAR, and many other sports related collectible items. Our expertise doesn’t stop there! We have handled many other vintage and collectible items.

Throughout the years, our reputation has allowed us to broaden our service and expertise in buying and selling high-end and popular items.  We utilize auction sites, word of mouth, media advertising and networking with many other reputable dealers and collectors to find or sell an item for you.  Browse through our website and see just a few of the items that we have available now and items that we have sold in the past.